Your Digital Self: The fourth evolution in finance is here today — why decentralized finance is inevitable

by | Jul 16, 2022 | Stock Market

With inflation at a four-decade high in the U.S., worldwide oil prices surging, and wars and other calamities raging, it’s no wonder many worry about the future of our society. Are global economies and their value systems imploding, or is the world undergoing a natural transition from one epoch of financial evolution to another?To find an answer, I had a chat with Chris Coney, a lecturer and owner of Cryptoversity, described as “the world’s first online school to teach courses on bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchains.” Chris has a lot to say on decentralized finance, the most recent evolution in finance.

MarketWatch: What is the cause of current problems that both crypto and traditional markets are facing? Chris: If you want to get to the very root of the issue for both crypto and traditional markets, you end up with the same problem: How to measure the value of the assets accurately. This is such a huge problem because there is no constant that we can use to establish the true value of an asset. For example, in engineering we have constan …

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