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You have heard of product testing, but what is it? It’s just what the phrase implies — testing a product from the beginning to the end of its development. First, the concept of the item itself is evaluated for its viability in the marketplace, and then the process advances through phases such as quality assurance and A/B Testing to weigh dueling versions of the product. One of the steps in the sequence is user testing, during which companies put the goods in the hands of consumers to try out and provide feedback. In exchange, you’ll receive compensation that ranges from cash to gift cards to points to redeem for rewards.

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If you go to work as a product tester, you’ll have a say in items that make it to the marketplace, which is simultaneously a cool and rather intimidating thought. And as a bonus, you’ll usually receive compensation and often can do the testing at home. So, you’re asking, “How do I get involved in product testing?” Keep reading to learn more about how you can get such a job, the red flags and how much money you can make.

Is Product Testing a Legitimate Job?
Yes, but you need to be aware as you seek a product testing job because scams in the field do exist. The Federal Trade Commission cautions that scammers have many ways of finding you — through paid advertising, on social media and via online job sites. Scams even can crop into radio and television advertisements.
Many of the ads appeal to those who want to work from home and claim you can earn lots of money without stepping outside. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you see an ad for a product-tester that appeals to you, don’t jump in with two feet. Instead, dab your toe in the water to check its legitimacy. The FTC cautions that some scammers don’t really have a job available — just a ruse to zap you of your personal information and money.

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The FTC advises doing a Google search of the name of the company offering a job plus words such as “review,” “complaint” or “scam.” Reports of any scams should pop up. Also check a site such as Glassdoor to look for employee reviews of companies offering product testing jobs.

Do Product Testers Make Good Money?
In most instances, product testing is a side gig, meant to supplement your income and not …

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