17 Mistakes Tourists Make While Visiting New York City

by | Aug 18, 2022 | Travel

New York, New York, is consistently the most-visited city in the United States ― and for good reason. The Big Apple is home to iconic skyscrapers, top-notch restaurants and shops, and endless opportunities to experience art and entertainment. But with tens of millions of tourists each year, it’s only inevitable that people make their fair share of mistakes while exploring NYC. We asked locals to share some of the most common faux pas they’ve observed. From boarding the wrong subway car to sticking to only one borough, here are 17 mistakes tourists often make while visiting New York ― and some advice for avoiding these errors during your travels. Staying In Times Square“I think a big mistake tourists make is staying in the Times Square area. It’s so crowded and you don’t have good options of restaurants or coffee shops, as most of them are touristy. You end up missing out on many good hidden gems and seeing the part of New York that’s the most chaotic and dirty.” ― Gabriella Zacche, entrepreneur and lifestyle influencer“I think the most common mistake tourists make when visiting NYC is staying in Midtown/Times Square. There’s so much to see and do in New York, and Midtown ain’t it.” ― Jeremy Cohen, photographerOverscheduling“When I first moved to NYC and the times I visited prior to my move, I always had a packed schedule. It was filled with events, sightseeing and plans with family and friends. A common mistake I see tourists make is not leaving three to four hours of free time to truly explore the best part of NYC, which is spontaneity. Pick a neighborhood of choice and walk aimlessly, people-watch, ask for recommendations from the locals (store owners, bartenders) and then check it out. Keep hopping around and see where the day or night takes you.” ― Krity Shrestha, content creatorStanding In The Middle Of The Sidewalk“Don’t stand in the middle of the sidewalk. …

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