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by | Aug 18, 2022 | Business

By Susan Guillory

Being a better business owner is about being mindful and allowing time and space to grow.

By the time you realize that being an entrepreneur is a lifelong journey, you’ve already solidified a lot of the patterns and practices you use to run your business. In my mind, analyzing those habits and ways of doing business, and tweaking them where necessary, can help you improve, no matter how many times you’ve been around the block.

I have come up with four tips on how to become a better business owner, many of which rely on bringing more mindfulness into business. These tips aren’t about working more or making more money. In fact, they may seem to be quite the opposite. And yet, I’ve seen business owners not only become happier when they shift how they operate, but also more financially successful.

Become a better business owner
1. Be open to your intuition

We all have that niggling voice inside that tells us when something is a bad idea (or a good one). The problem is, most of us don’t listen to it.

Instead of writing off that voice, I encourage you to embrace it. I can’t explain what intuition is or where it comes from, but it’s real. It’s even been studied scientifically.
The best way to open up to your intuition is to slow down. If you’re someone whose day is filled with tasks morning until night, you likely won’t hear your intuition calling your name. It requires creating space in your schedule to breathe and reflect.

Take a …

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