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by | Aug 31, 2022 | Business

Business building sounds fundamental—and it is. But many large incumbents struggle to do it with consistent success, creating openings for disrupters to thrive.Incumbents are keenly aware of the need to act faster and more boldly. What they often lack are rigorous processes to proactively explore what’s coming next, assess value propositions, and rapidly test-and-learn their way to new, scalable business ideas. It’s actually not about chasing the latest trend or shiny object—or reflexively rejecting anything with a whiff of hype. It’s about unlocking practical insights that guide sustained investment in scalable ideas uniquely suited to your company.The firms getting it right think of business building as an experimentation machine that drives innovation and growth. It starts with identifying game-changing trends and thinking deeply about how they will alter markets, shift customer behavior, and create new profit pools. We see several that are gaining increasing attention, offering strong potential for business building in the years ahead. 


What: The fundamental insight behind circularity is that waste should be treated as an asset. This includes both physical waste, which is generated during production and distribution or at the end of a product’s life, and capacity waste, the great stretches of time that most products go unused (think about the car sitting in your garage). Eliminating both kinds of waste helps …

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