Code visibility tool for enterprises untangles spaghetti code

by | Aug 31, 2022 | Technology

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Modern code development consists of a complicated set of components, including different microservices running in different places. It’s a reality that is often referred to as “spaghetti code” given how tangled and intermingled the different strands of development can be.

In 2019, San Francisco-based CodeSee got started as an effort to help developers begin to untangle some of that spaghetti code using its code visibility platform. CodeSee’s technology first became publicly available in 2021, with a community edition that is freely available. An initial target for the company was to help open-source developers visualize how application code comes together. 

Today, CodeSee is moving upmarket with the launch of its CodeSee Enterprise platform. The goal with the new enterprise platform is to help organizations better understand their own internal codebases and improve development practices.

“With our enterprise version we’re adding an additional layer of visibility to visualize the service layer,” Shanea Leven, founder and CEO, told VentureBeat. “We’re also providing capabilities to automate an understanding of code, throughout the development process.”

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Code visibility: From open-source to the enterprise

Though CodeSee is not currently open source (but Leven has future plans to open source-license elements of CodeSee), it is having an impact on helping the open-source community.

“We wanted to understand and help developers contribute to open source and the biggest barrier to entry in almost any open-source project is onboarding and understanding the codebase,” Leven said. 

CodeSee’s effort to help better …

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