Customer and employee experience mistakes to avoid and how AI can help

by | Aug 6, 2022 | Technology

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Enterprise leaders are constantly evaluating how technology can better serve the needs of their customers and employees.

As AI technology progresses, businesses recognize the massive potential to improve customer and employee experiences and positively impact their bottom line. That’s why more than half of leaders are investing accordingly, with plans to increase AI budgets in customer experience by at least 25% next year.

When used in the right places, AI significantly boosts efficiency and satisfaction across a business. For example, AI can automate many parts of a customer and employee journey, enabling faster response time without sacrificing personalized, human-centric experiences.

However, an important forethought for companies is determining where, exactly, to implement AI so that the technology can meet internal and external needs without causing extra work for employees or creating unnecessary frustration for customers who truly need to speak to a human. 

As quickly-scaling enterprises face pressure to minimize costs while driving value, those that figure out where to best plug in AI as a solution are better poised for success. Here are some pitfalls to avoid.

Thinking employees will automatically stick around in a down market 

Many companies are currently operating with lean teams and can’t afford to lose top talent. Forward-thinking leaders have adapted quickly to leverage AI in a way that removes repetitive, basic work and allows employees to focus on more intellectually-engaging work. By making this intentional shift, businesses are able to increase employee satisfaction and improve output.

To get started on eliminating these tedious and mundane projects, companies should assess where AI and automation can increase efficiencies and optimize workflows.

One place to begin: Enabling employee experience admins with click-to-configure tools that easily and quickly create experiences with built-in automation without writing a single line of code. This automation can tackle basic requests like “how do I reset my password?” and free up time for more creative, strategic work. 

Another application is in HR department …

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