Decodable and DataStax partnership: What does it mean for enterprises?

by | Aug 24, 2022 | Technology

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Decodable and DataStax, two companies known for their real-time data capabilities, today announced a partnership to help enterprises simplify and accelerate the development of streaming data applications.

Currently, building real-time data apps and services revolves around connecting to various sources and building a robust real-time pipeline. The process sounds simple, but it often requires companies to build internal tooling – pieced together using open-source parts and custom code. This requires in-depth expertise and is expensive to operate even before a single pipeline is deployed. As a result, teams end up giving a lot of time – often months — and resources just to get their real-time apps up and running. 

In many cases, the projects do not even see the light of day.

Joint solution from DataStax and Decodable

To solve this challenge, Decodable, which provides real-time data engineering services like ingestion, integration and analysis, and DataStax, known for mobilizing that data for real-time apps, are bringing a fully managed joint solution. The offering will bring their open-source services together via APIs, giving enterprises a simplified, end-to-end pipeline for real-time data connection, processing and analysis.

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