Digital innovation across the patient journey for Kaiser Permanente

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Technology

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Healthcare organizations must, of course, serve patients in times of greatest need — but they should ultimately go beyond that toward preventative, holistic tools and services. And this with “digital as the spearhead,” said Prat Vemana, chief digital officer with Kaiser Permanente. 

Vemana discussed Kaiser Permanente’s digitally supported efforts with customer experience (CX) in a livestream during last week’s Transform 2022 event. 

Coming to the healthcare realm from retail just before COVID-19, Vemana described himself as “a big student of the value chain.” As an IT leader in any industry, it is important to assess the value chain to see how integrated it is and the efficiencies within, he said. 

Typically, healthcare has been “one of the most fragmented value chains,” said Vemana. 

But digital capabilities have helped to improve the value chain, close loops and create more cohesive value chains. And, as was the case across industries, the pandemic accelerated Kaiser Permanente’s digital adoption — and essentially put wind in the sail of technology in healthcare as a whole, said Vemana. 

A 360-degree view

Kaiser Permanente has four key stakeholders, he explained: members/nonmembers/communities, customer brokers, clinicians and employees. Vemana’s primary focus is the latter — it is critical to give them everything they need to be able to support the other categories, he said. 

Because the 77-year-old healthcare company owns provider networks, care facilities, labs and pharmacies alike, it has an advantage in being a “closed system” from a data perspective, said Vemana. They can build a 360-degree view of customers — from demographics to medical history — and focus efforts on the preve …

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