How automation is transforming security and compliance

by | Aug 3, 2022 | Technology

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Cyber criminals are getting smarter, their attacks are continuously evolving, and their successes are leaving marks. Assaults are scaled effortlessly, from the one-to-one text phishing attempts on employees who post about new jobs on LinkedIn, to the “unprecedented” campaign against the Costa Rican government that brought much of their infrastructure to a standstill, resulting in losses of $125 million over 48 hours.

“What’s notable is the sophistication,” says Kaitlin Pettersen, VP of customer experience at Vanta. “The seeming legitimacy is improving. They’re getting smarter. They’re getting more strategic, and the financial and reputational cost of these data breaches is high.”

Customer trust is easily lost, but not easily won back — and that directly impacts your bottom line. Globally, fines for GDPR violations are huge, but smaller companies are also facing financial consequences for violations. The CCPA in California opens the door to lawsuits from customers whose data was involved in a breach. The cost per incident may not be huge, but multiplied across all of a company’s customers, it adds up rapidly. Combined with the reputational hit, it’s a blow to your trajectory as a company.

On top of risk protection, compliance and security is also great for business, in that it helps attract and retain cust …

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