How new CISOs should take on today’s growing threatscape

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Technology

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So, you’re a new CISO (or you’ve just hired a new CISO) who has the opportunity to turn around a long-standing tech stack. You’d like to make that legacy stack more resilient, especially as cyberattacks become a bigger distraction every day. Where do you start? 

A good first step is to evaluate your new company’s current tech stack. See where the weaknesses are and how your team’s roadmaps can strengthen them. As a new CISO, chances are you’re going to inherit a legacy tech stack. One of your greatest challenges getting started is going to be securing IT infrastructure in a threatscape that continues to automate faster than defenses are being created. 

Unfortunately, only 40% of enterprises say they are evolving in response to the changing threatscape, with 60% acknowledging they are running behind. It’s also good to keep in mind that cyberattackers are quicker, more ingenious and faster than ever in adopting new automation techniques that execute breaches on APIs, deploy ransomware and target software supply chains. 

Don’t let the splashy news of high-profile attacks distract you from the business of securing your new company – remember that cybersecurity is a marathon, not a sprint.

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Consolidate security vendors 

The first challenge you’ll probably face as a new CISO is consolidating vendors to achieve greater efficacy and improved efficiency. …

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