How we remember them: My grandmother’s dining room set

by | Aug 3, 2022 | World

In the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, loss has been part of the lives of millions. In “How we remember them”, we reflect on how we process loss and the things – tangible and intangible – that remind us of those we have lost. When the grandmother who raised me died, we inherited her dining room table, chairs, hutch and tea cart. After driving across three states in a rented U-haul, we picked them up from the apartment she shared with my recently deceased grandfather – who died three months prior, down to the exact hour and minute – and brought them back to the home we had made with our own kids.
I don’t remember where we put the massive hutch in the house that I grew up in. When I try to, it seems that it doesn’t fit anywhere in the tiled and wallpapered dining room in the centre of the house. I remember the exact location of the tea cart and table though. It’s funny what we forget – what we lose through the years – and what we remember.
I recall coming home from a trip to downtown Boston with a friend and her parents. Her father was the head electrician in a l …

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