‘It rained like never before’: Pakistani flood survivor

by | Aug 30, 2022 | World

Islamabad, Pakistan – When 30-year-old Asif Shehzad was returning home from his grocery shop in Pakistan’s Punjab province on August 12, he never imagined he would be spending his last night under his own roof.A resident of Chittar Watta, a small village in the tribal belt in the Koh-e-Sulaiman mountains, some 500 kilometres (310 miles) from the provincial capital, Lahore, Shehzad said it was an ordinary night for him and his family.
“It had been raining for a few days but there was nothing that prepared us for what was to come. My children were having dinner and I was sitting with them when suddenly rain picked up the pace,” he told Al Jazeera by telephone.
Shehzad said that his family would often spend time on their verandah but due to rain, they went inside their rooms. But the rain was relentless that night and did not stop.
A man rests on a cot made with rope amid floodwaters in front of his damaged house in Jafarabad [Amer Hussain/Reuters]
“It was non-stop, and it rained like I have never seen before in my life,” he said. Soon, his mud house started showing signs of damage, and part of his roof collapsed in different places.
“Some of my livestock died when the roof caved in. We were afraid that the whole house would fall down, and my entire family decided to seek refuge under trees.”
The 30-year-old recall …

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