Kenya 2022: The most boring election

by | Aug 6, 2022 | World

Every five years, the editorial boards of foreign media remember that Kenya exists. Well, perhaps that is an exaggeration that undermines the stellar work that athletes do in keeping the country’s name on the lips of every town that dares to host an international marathon. Still, it feels like every five years when an election is on the table, the eyes of the world shift towards East Africa like vultures circling a carcass, salivating for another clash of titans and even for violence. The pieces almost write themselves – say something about “tribalism” (sorry, ethno-nationalism) and primordial hatreds, slot in a few lines about dynastic competition and maybe throw in an allegory about the savannah. A laundry list of tropes that are vague enough to hold the attention of distant audiences that need to periodically be reminded of tragedies in Africa™ in order to feel something and be made grateful.The fallacy at the centre of this is that democracy is something that happens every electoral cycle. So …

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