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by | Aug 27, 2022 | Education

Aug. 27—Another school year has begun. For educators, it is the opportunity to set the tone for the entire year. For parents, it is the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to their child’s education. For students, it is the chance for a fresh start. This is a foundational time.I know that schools provide much more than “book learning.” During the years I spent delivering character education programs in the school system, I had many opportunities to connect with young people in a way that seemed to make a real impact. I often see them as adults and they tell me about how our interaction back then influenced their lives for the better. Schools provide a context in which those types of interactions can happen. If you ask any successful person, they can likely tell you about a teacher, coach or someone affiliated with their education that inspired them.Over the years, the Dougherty County School System has received much public criticism, although I know first-hand that the schools have an abundance of caring, committed, professionals who honestly have the children’s best interests at heart. My wife was a full-time educator in the Dougherty County School System and has often shared stories with me about the …

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