Kosovo delays planned Serbian border rules after tensions rise

by | Aug 1, 2022 | World

Tensions arise after Pristina asks people entering Kosovo with Serbian IDs will have to replace them with a temporary document during their stay.Kosovo’s government has postponed for a month the implementation of new border rules that sparked tensions in the north of the country where ethnic Serbs blocked roads and unknown gunmen fired on police.
Police closed two border crossings with Serbia on Sunday after the incident during which no one was injured, a police statement said.
Kosovo proclaimed independence from Serbia in 2008 but ethnic Serbs who make up the majority in the northern region do not recognise Pristina’s authority. They remain politically loyal to Serbia which still provides financial support.
The latest tensions came after the government in Pristina said from Monday, people entering Kosovo with Serbian IDs would have to replace them with a temporary document during their stay in the country.
The government also said ethnic Serbs who have vehicle registration plates issued by Serbia would have to change them for Kosovo licence plates within two months.
Prime Minister Albin Kurti said on Sunday it was a reciprocal move since the government in Belgrade requires the same from Kosovo citizens entering Serbia.
But, after meeting United States Ambassador to Kosovo Jeffrey Hovenier, who told reporters he sought from Pristina that implementation of the new regime be postponed for 30 days, the government pledged to do so.
It said …

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