Larry Hogan Calls Out GOP Maryland Attorney General Nominee’s ‘Disgusting Lies’ About 9/11

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Politics

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) on Sunday criticized his state’s Republican nominee for attorney general for spreading “disgusting lies” about the 9/11 attacks.Michael Peroutka floated conspiracy theories about the 2001 terror attacks while co-hosting five radio shows in 2006, according to CNN’s KFile investigations team.Hogan, a moderate Republican and potential 2024 presidential candidate, ripped into Peroutka following the disclosure. “We know who was responsible for 9/11,” Hogan wrote on Twitter. “Blaming our country for Al-Qaeda’s atrocities is an insult to the memory of the thousands of innocent Americans and brave first responders who died that day.”“These disgusting lies don’t belong in our party,” he added.Peroutka said the 9/11 attacks were the work of an “elite bureaucrat” who set demolition charges in New York City buildings. “I said that if the buildings in New York City, the World Trade Center buildings, came down by demolition charges — that is to say — if there was this evidence that there was that something was preset there, then the implications of that are massive,” Peroutka said, according to CNN.“I’ve been doing some reading and doing some studying, and I believe that to be very, very true,” Peroutka added.Peroutka seemed to endorse a conspiracy theory that the Twin Towers and a smaller building nearby were destroyed in a series of controlled demolitions, CNN reported.Hogan called Cox’s primary election victory “a win for the Democrats.”“It’s a big loss for the Republican Party, and we have no chance of saving that governor seat,” Hogan told ABC’s “This Week” last month. …

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