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by | Aug 2, 2022 | Education

by Jenna Somers

The Peabody Journal of Education is one of the first education policy journals to document the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the politics of education using rigorous, peer-reviewed studies.
Published in July, the latest issue, “The Politics of COVID-19 and Educational Inequities,” focuses on the pandemic’s consequences for equity and social justice, with insights on the PK-16 education system’s initial response to COVID-19 and how the first year of the pandemic affected education and educational inequality. Collectively, the articles in this issue suggest a critical need for further research on the educational, ethical and political concerns related to the pandemic.
Three articles from the issue are currently available at no cost:

“The Politics of COVID-19 and Educational Inequities” introduces the issue, providing historical context to its themes and summaries of the articles.
“The Role of Inequity in School Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic” explores how schools responded to the stress of the pandemic, how school principals described the resulting inequities and the relationship between social inequity and school responses. The researchers found that social circumstances played a key role in the adversity of educators and that inequity significantly impacted schools’ return to functioning.
“Crisis Upon Crisis: Refugee Education Responses Amid COVID-19” explores COVID-19 education policies and practices at the global level and within the local context of Syrian refugee education in Lebanon. This study reveals a disconnect between global COVID-19 education practices and the complexities of countries experiencing multiple crises, suggesting that international stakeholders may not have the capacity or understanding to address multi-crisis environments in education. The researchers discuss …

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