Retirement Weekly: The latest indignity in hiring? One-way video interviews.

by | Aug 26, 2022 | Stock Market

If you’re a “Sex and the City” fan, you may recall a 2001 episode from the original TV series. Mr. Big (Chris Noth) complains that the woman he’s pursuing does not answer his calls or return his messages. “She can reach me, but I can’t get her,” he repeatedly says. This is the power of one-way communication: One party exercises more control over the timing and nature of their interaction.

Like dating, job interviews are a delicate dance. As the applicant and interviewer converse, they size up each other. Read: New York City wants its retirees back—and the feeling is mutual But more interviewees are facing the same kind of vexation that Mr. Big experienced. In one-way video interviews, candidates record themselves delivering succinct answers to an employer’s pretaped questions. Job seekers submit their recordings into the void. There’s no one on the other end to respond in real time. In viewing these auditions, employers can vet applicants more efficiently and pick the ones who get to advance to the next round of the hiring process. Young job hunters may welcome these platforms. Perhaps they’re accustomed to curating their image on social media. Or they’re comfortable filming themselves on their devices and seeing their talking head fill the screen. But for people in their 50s and up, one-way video interviews may be off-putting. At a bare minimum, they expect human communication to consist of back-and-forth exchanges—nods, gestures, shared observation …

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