Supporters of Iraq’s al-Sadr told to withdraw from parliament

by | Aug 3, 2022 | World

Senior pro-Sadr loyalist told supporters to end parliament sit-in but called for protests to continue inside Green Zone.Supporters of influential Iraqi Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr, who have camped inside Iraqi’s parliament since Saturday, have been instructed to leave the building but to continue their protests outside the parliamentary offices.
In a tweet, Mohamed Saleh al-Iraqi, a senior pro-Sadr loyalist, told hundreds of supporters to leave the parliament building in the capital, Baghdad, within 72 hours and join fellow Sadrists at an “encampment in front of and around the building”.
“The pursuit of the sit-in is very significant because it will solidify your demands,” al-Iraqi said in the tweet on Tuesday, recommending that protesters take it in turns to remain at the protest site.
The call by al-Iraqi means the protesters will remain inside the Green Zone, which houses Iraq’s parliament, government buildings and foreign embassies.
He also announced that a large prayer rally would take place on Friday in the Green Zone.
— وزير القائد – صالح محمد العراقي (@salih_m_iraqi) August 2, 2022

The announcement caused confusion at the parliament building where some officials said the instructions were for protesters to leave the main chamber and a meeting room, but protesters could remain in the building’s large entrance hall.
Al-Sadr and his party were winners in Iraq’s October parliamentary elections but were unable to muster a majority of support to form a government. Al-Sadr’s bloc resigned in June ostensibly in a bid to unblock the political impasse, but the situation has only deteriorated since then.
The al-Sadr bloc’s resignation led to a pro-Iran bloc, the Coordination Framework, becoming the largest in parliament, but still, there was no agreement on nami …

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