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by | Aug 9, 2022 | Jobs

What does it take to cultivate job satisfaction at a law firm? In a new report from BTI Consulting, associates pointed out exactly what they wanted from and valued in their work lives, and which firms were the best at committing to their overall happiness.
According to BTI, Biglaw associates are looking for these eight core activities from their firms when it comes to their overall professional happiness:
Commitment to helping associates in their career
Specific action to help develop a career path
Access to training they need
Good mentoring
Optimism about growing within their firm
High levels of job satisfaction
Being well paid
Having at least one partner watching out for them
After going evaluating 4,000 responses, BTI found that 147 Biglaw firms did the best job when it came to associate satisfaction. Sounds nice, right? It turns out that women aren’t nearly as satisfied at their Biglaw firms. When separated by gender, women associates ranked just 122 firms as the best for overall job satisfaction. In fact, women rated their job satisfaction as 13.5 percentage points lower than that of their male counterparts, and 62% of them saw their firms imparting “limited or no commitment to helping them in their careers” (compared to 48% of men). Oof.
Some firms, however, really stood out above the rest when it came to satisfying their female associates. Which ones are committed to helping women in their careers and developing their career paths?
Women associates named 97 firms as being on top of the game when it came to helping them in their careers by creating …

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