The future of work in the tech industry

by | Aug 6, 2022 | Technology

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If we have learned anything over the last two years amidst the global pandemic, it’s that employees want and need work-life integration. 

This is a step beyond work-life balance. ‘Balance’ implies that things are equal and that a person is giving their professional and their personal lives the same amount of time and energy.  The reality is that, after work, sleep, commuting, eating, and taking care of others, we don’t have a lot of time left for our personal lives. Balance is nearly impossible, so integration is the next best thing.  

Work-life integration is the blending of personal and professional lives and responsibilities and finding areas of compromises — and that’s what Sheryl Sandberg reported that she wasn’t able to do at Meta. Sandberg announced that she would be stepping down in the fall of 2022, saying that, “It’s a job that I love, but it’s 24/7…it’s not a job you can do and also do other things.”

Women in many industries, including tech, have long been considered “unable” to handle the responsibilities of work and home life. And some organizations have used that as an excuse to either not hire women or not promote them.  

Sheryl Sandberg’s blueprint for success

For so long, Sandberg’s success challenged that notion. After 14 years at Meta and an even longer career in general, we would hope that she more than proved what is possible for women in tech. Unfortunately, a lot of women in the tech industry will likely hear a chorus of “I told you so” after Sa …

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