Top Economists Hail Chilean Constitution as ‘New Global Standard’ on Climate, Inequality – Common Dreams

by | Aug 10, 2022 | Financial

A group of world-renowned economists and social scientists published an open letter Wednesday hailing Chile’s draft constitution as a transformative document that—if granted final approval by the Chilean people on September 4—would serve as a “new global standard” on fighting the climate crisis and pervasive inequality.Signed by Thomas Piketty, Jayati Ghosh, Gabriel Zucman, and other luminaries from across the globe, the new letter praises the proposed constitution as a “visionary product” from which the rest of the world “has much to learn.””The new constitution sets a new global standard in its response to crises of climate change, economic insecurity, and sustainable development.””For the first time, a constitution recognizes care work, social reproduction, and women’s health as fundamental to the prospects of the economy,” the letter notes.The experts proceed to cite the 178-page document’s approach to “public services and social security” as “another source of inspiration.””By establishing new institutions for the provision of universal public services like education, health, and social security,” the letter reads. “Chile successfully applies the lessons of recent history that show the importance of these services for both short-term economic resilience and long-term economic growth.”A 154-member assembly finalized the newly proposed constitution in May following a lengthy and contentious process kicked off by a 2020 plebiscite, in which Chileans overwhelmingly voted to replace the right-wing constitution that the Pinochet dictatorship—ushered into power in a U.S.-backed coup—foisted upon t …

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