Understanding Social Security: I divorced and remarried the same person. How does that impact our Social Security benefits?

by | Aug 18, 2022 | Stock Market

I remarried the same spouse in Pennsylvania. We were first married in 2001. We divorced but then remarried in 2006. How do I assess this for Social Security questionnaire? By “questionnaire” I assume you mean an application for Social Security benefits, and given the information that you’ve provided, it should be very straightforward.

With regard to your two marriages to the same individual: Your earlier marriage likely has no impact on your Social Security benefits at this point. The only way it might be a factor is if the time between your divorce and remarriage was less than 12 months. In that case, your two marriage lengths are added together (not counting the time between divorce and remarriage). If more than 12 months passed between the divorce finalization and the 2006 remarriage, then only the 2006 marriage will apply to your situation at present. You didn’t say, so I’ll assume that you are still married after the 2006 remarriage. If this is the case, the only reference that you need to make on the Social Security benefit application is that you are currently married, and identify your spouse by name and Social Security number. However, if …

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