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by | Aug 26, 2022 | Energy

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – UNLV physics is on the cutting edge of energy research. The groundbreaking work they are doing now could one day help solve the nation’s energy crisis. The Nevada Extreme Conditions Lab at the school is moving the ball forward, getting closer every day to creating a way to send energy from one point to another with no loss of power.“We are on the precipice of the massive discovery that is going to transform the global energy economy,” asserted Keith Lawler, Assistant Director of the Nevada Extreme Conditions Laboratory.They are making breakthroughs in superconductivity, the ability to conduct electricity with no resistance.“Resistance is when you run current through a wire, it will heat up on you,” Lawler explained. That results in a loss of energy in things like power lines.“About five percent of our transmission of power across lines every year is lost to this resistance, is lost to this heat, and that comes out to about 30 billion dollars of excess,” Lawler revealed.The team at UNLV aims to create a new material, one that doesn’t generate heat, known as a superconductor. They made a breakthrough in 2020.“We were part of a team that proved the room temperature conductivity was even capable of being done… For a long-time, people were debating if it was even possible,” Lawler shared. Now the scientists have made another jump forward.“It’s the gift th …

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