When will the settler colonial siege of the Gaza Strip end?

by | Aug 6, 2022 | World

With few exceptions, mainstream media across Europe and North America is once again framing the latest attack on the Gaza Strip through the prism of “borders,” “Israeli self-defence,” “precision strikes,” and “Palestinian terrorism” or what seems to mean the same thing for Euro-American audiences – “Palestinian militancy”. It is as if the Palestinians have agreed on these so-called borders that separate Israel from the Gaza Strip, and from their side of the border, plot to terrorise Israel for the sake of terror and destruction, driven as they are by “Islamist” ideologies that are inherently anti-Semitic, violent, and barbarous.This drivel is everywhere, and though it appears in different forms and tones, you can find it across the political spectrum. Its pervasiveness across political affiliations and ideologies suggests that this discourse constitutes a larger worldview – a set of ideas and concepts that a large number of people use to make sense of the world.
Unfortunately, worldviews that are completely divorced from reality can and do gain prominence and the status of “factual knowledge”. This is not an accidental occurrence. Rather, such worldviews come to occupy positions of prominence precisely because they serve existing power relations that not only benefit from the concealment of reality but m …

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