: Why Deshaun Watson will only lose $345,000 for a 6-game suspension, despite his $230 million contract

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Stock Market

Cleveland Browns quarterback DeShaun Watson has been suspended for six games without pay for violating the National Football League’s personal conduct policy after 24 women accused him of sexual misconduct. The women alleged the misconduct occurred during several massage therapy appointments over the past two years while he was on the Houston Texans. Assuming the suspension is not appealed, Watson will lose his paycheck for those six games, as NFL players are paid by game. So, if Watson were to miss six of the 17 games for the 2022 NFL season, he will miss about 35% of the season, and subsequently 35% of his salary.

Normally, that would be a huge financial loss for an individual, except not in this case. See also: NFL player Calvin Ridley bets $1,500 on NFL games — is suspended and may lose $11 million in salary When Watson signed his latest contract with the Cleveland Browns franchise, nearly all of the allegations against him were public knowledge. The Browns signed him anyway after conducting what they called “extensive” research into Watson’s past transgressions. Watson signed the highest fully guaranteed contract in NFL history at 5 years, $230 million, with an average annual value of $46 million per season. But Watson won’t be losing 35% of $46 million this season. In anticipation of a likely suspension for at least part of the 2022 season, the Browns structured Watson’s contract so that he only makes $1,035,000 of his 5-year $230 million contract as a base salary in year one of his contract, according to sports contract website OverTheCap. Therefore, Watson will “only” forfeit 35% of $1.035 million in salary, amounting to a $345,000 loss. Additionally, “language exists” in Watson’s contract that the quarterback will not lose any of his signing bonus due to any suspension, NBC Sports reported in March. Every season in Watson’s contract has a base salary of $46 million, except for the 2022 season. If Watson’s salary were $46 million this year, he would lose out on $16.1 million instead of the $345,000 he is set to lose. To be clear, any …

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