Xsolla’s Pay Station update adds web shops, streamlined payments and a startup accelerator

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Technology

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Xsolla updated its payment system to make it easier for game developers to open alternative web shops and raise money through a startup accelerator.

It’s all part of an ongoing strategy to provide the “business engine” for game developers, said Chris Hewish, president of Xsolla, in an interview with GamesBeat. The idea is to offload business services from developers so they can concentrate on making games.

This kind of service is helpful as the industry has to sell games to consumers during a possible global recession, with high inflation and interest rates, tech layoffs, a cryptocurrency winter, and sinking mobile game revenues because of Apple’s privacy changes that have hurt targeted advertising.

“It has certainly been a challenging environment in a macro sense for many industries,” said Hewish. “Fortunately, the video game industry appears to continue to grow. And while not growing at the same pace than it has been over the past few years, we are seeing continued growth in the industry.”

The Xsolla Accelerator will help early-stage indie developers learn how to prepare for their game launches and get bridge funding for up to $100,000 from investors. The accelerator will help developers manage the growth of their games through user acquisition after the game launches.

The ultimate goal of the accelerator program is to help studios improve and move through the investment stages, starting from where they missed out on initial funding to where they can earnfunding at the correct levels to build and launch a successful game.

Game developers can apply to educational programs led by indus …

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