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by | Sep 5, 2022 | Energy

It’s time we fix that broken record on the debate over renewable energy. Reports on the climate emergency are playing on repeat as different studies all arrive at the same conclusion: human activity is warming the planet and fossil fuels are the main cause.We have the solution – we’re just reluctant to act on it. 

A new review from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) analyses over 600 peer-reviewed articles on 100 percent renewable energy systems. “The main conclusion of most of these studies is that 100 percent renewables is feasible worldwide at low cost,” the report determines.

100 percent renewable energy systems are feasible

Going back to the first 100 percent renewable energy system analysis in 1975, the report from IEEE looks at nearly fifty years of such studies.

Most of the studies center on solar energy and wind power being the driving forces of the system with limited input from bioenergy, hydropower, and geothermal activity. In all 100 percent renewable energy systems, there is no use of fossil fuels nor nuclear energy.

While the studies differ in methodology, “they consistently find that a global 100 percent RE system can be achieved by mid-century.”

The systems provide benefits beyond reduced GHG emissions. Reduced air pollution, reduced stress on water systems, added jobs in the energy system, and greater energy security are among the co-benefits of a 100 percent renewable energy system.

What are the critiques of renewable energy systems?

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