11 Mistakes Tourists Make While Visiting Los Angeles

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Travel

When you think of iconic American cities, Los Angeles inevitably comes to mind.The City of Angels is one of the most popular destinations in the United States — and for good reason. Whether you’re looking to see movie stars at trendy restaurants or gaze at stars in the sky from the Griffith Observatory, there’s something for everybody.However, not everyone manages to do LA right. HuffPost asked locals to share the most common missteps they’ve observed from La-La Land visitors. AdvertisementFrom misjudging proximity to spending all your time in Hollywood, here are 11 mistakes tourists often make in Los Angeles ― and some advice for avoiding these errors during your California travels.Not Factoring In Traffic“LA traffic sucks! Plan your day to work with the traffic, not against it. Avoid driving at rush hour in the mornings and afternoons. Schedule your day so you’re somewhere you want to be for a while during these times. It will make the difference between being stuck in the car for hours and being somewhere incredible exploring.” ― Stuart Brazell, a TV host, producer and blogger at Stuart Says.“A common mistake tourists make when coming to LA is not accounting for traffic. Checking traffic hours prior can really calculate time being spent at each location.” ― Jesi Le Rae, an actor and model.“Sure, on the map it’ll look like a spot is only 10 miles away. But in LA traffic, it can take an hour to get there. Staying in LA when you plan to visit Disneyland in Anaheim several days in a row will stress you out.” ― Caroline Pardilla, a cocktail and travel blogger.AdvertisementAssuming It’s Warm All Day And Night“The number-one mistake that I see tourists make in LA is assuming it stays warm all day and all night. As a fashion influencer, I’m highly aware of people’s outfit choices, and I very regularly see tourists out on the town at night wearing shorts and T-shirts wishing they had packed some pants or long sleeves. If you’re staying anywhere near the water, it can get very windy and cold at night, so packing a sweater and some jeans is probably a good idea. A Midwest 65 degrees and a West Coast evening 65 degrees feel very different.” ― Parker York Smith, a blogger at The Looksmith. Mario Worwell / EyeEm via Getty ImagesJust because LA has a reputation for being warm and sunny doesn’t mean it’s like that at all hours of the day.Staying In Hollywood“A mistake I see is staying in Hollywood for shopping, food and ambiance. Try an area called the Norma Triangle where you can hit Melrose [Avenue] for shopping and restaurants, Santa Monica Boulevard for a string of bars, the West Hollywood public park to sit and recharge, and Sunset Boulevard for a vibe. The Grove i …

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