3 ways to cultivate success for women in tech

by | Sep 23, 2022 | Technology

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In the climb up the corporate ladder, women remain underrepresented. McKinsey data finds that women comprise less than 25% of executive-level positions and women of color account for only 4% of executive-level positions. However, this adversity extends past the C-suite — industries such as technology are dominated by men, with women making up only a quarter of the tech workforce.

With American Business Women’s Day just behind us, tech companies of all sizes are expressing their commitment to gender equality in the workplace — and one of the best ways to drive change is to listen and learn from women who have broken through the glass ceiling. Here, I’ll use my experience as a working woman and working mother to share three ways tech companies can advance more women in the technology sector. 

Launch mentorship and education programs that empower women

Since women are remarkably underrepresented in tech, it can be difficult for them to envision a successful career in the industry. Organizations must help create a sense of belonging in the workplace and they can start by implementing mentorship programs. Connecting women in junior-level roles with women and men in higher-level executive roles can empower staff to expand their knowledge, grow connections and eliminate boundaries within the workplace. 

While both men and women can make excellent mentors, women may further benefit from building relationships with other women at work. For example, I was able to ask one of my mentors, also a working mother, specifics about navigating motherhood and a career. She provided me with honest answers to my questions, helping me strategize and prioritize tasks to meet the overall needs of the business while taking time for my family. If you are a woman in leadership, this might be one of the most important things you can do — I recommend to everyone on my team to find mentors they can trust. 

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