5 ways to secure devops

by | Sep 12, 2022 | Technology

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Devops teams are sacrificing focus on security gate reviews to meet tight time-to-market deadlines amid growing pressure to deliver digital transformation and digital-first revenue projects ahead of schedule. 

Compensation plans for CIOs, devops leaders, and their teams prioritize time-to-market performance, increasing the intensity to beat schedules. Over the last 18 months, 90% of IT leaders are also seeing digital transformation initiatives accelerate as enterprises strive to stay in step with their customers’ preferences for buying, receiving service and repeating purchases on a digital-first basis. 

A typical devops team in a $500 million enterprise has more than 200 concurrent projects in progress, with over 70% dedicated to safeguarding and improving digital customer experiences. Devops teams are looking to save every second they can on every project as a large percentage of their total compensation is on the line. 

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) says that the more software-intensive a business is, the faster and more effective the delivery of new offerings needs to be to create competitive advantages, making it a critical capability for long-term survival. Devops teams who can deliver minimum viable products (MVP) ahead of schedule often set the pace for an entire project. 

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VentureBeat asked Janet Worthington, senior analyst, Forrester, if CISOs and CIOs are getting more involved in securing devops. She said that “yes, CISOs and CIOs more and more are realizing that to move fast and achieve business goals, teams need to embrace a secure devops culture. Developing an automated development pipeline allows teams to deploy frequently and confidently because security testing is embedded from the earliest stages. In the result a security issue escapes to production, having a repeatable pipeline allows for the offending …

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