7 Common Signs That Your Home is Suffering from Pest Damage

by | Sep 7, 2022 | Health Featured

When you’re beginning to suspect that your home is suffering from a pest infestation, it’s easy to become extremely anxious and overwhelmed. Watching for signs of pest infestation will be one of your best weapons when it comes to keeping you out of this unfortunate situation. Without prior knowledge, however, knowing how to watch for signs of pest damage can become difficult. To help you protect your home, here are seven common signs that your home is suffering from pest damage:

1. Foundation Damage

Foundational damage is some of the most frustrating, costly, and difficult-to-repair home damage that pests can cause. A variety of insect species, rodents, and moles are all commonly known to cause foundation damages, so knowing whether or not these species are beginning to congregate around or under your foundation is crucial to protecting your home. If you see roaches, in particular, it can be useful to employ practices that will rid your home of roaches quickly, as this will allow you to be proactive in your pest control efforts.

2. Roof Damage

One of the most common types of home damage caused by invasive pest species is roof damage, which can cost you a ton of money to repair. Rodents, termites, and flying pests are most frequently associated with this type of home damage. Cracks in the ceiling, missing shingles, damaged wires in your attic, and other issues can arise if you fail to take care of pest infestations affecting your roof and attic spaces. When damage does occur, it’s important to patch up roof holes and frayed wires to ensure you avoid dangerous hazards, such as fire, from suddenly breaking out.

3. Clothes Damage

Have you discovered that your clothes are mysteriously becoming filled with holes, or that they are suddenly smelling terrible? If so, household pests might be to blame. Droppings, eggs, and other materials can be left inside of your stored clothing, especially if you keep any organic materials stored alongside your clothes. Rodents are sometimes known to snack on some types of fabric as well, so keep your stored clothes locked up tight!

4. Furniture Damage

It’s not only cats and dogs that can cause furniture damage. Pests such as mice, cockroaches, fleas, and other insects might find themselves attracted to your furniture depending on what type of material it’s made from. Wooden furniture, especially when it’s crafted with aged wood, is especially attractive to pests, so make sure you keep a close eye on what condition they are in. Doing so can help you prevent pest issues, and ensure that your prized furniture is kept intact.

5. Insulation Damage

When you’re preparing for a harsh winter, one of the first areas of your home you want to check up on is its insulation. Without strong, intact insulation, you’ll experience energy loss, heat loss, and skyrocketing utilities. Rodents and termites are the two key culprits when it comes to pest-caused insulation damage, so pest-proofing these spaces before the winter is upon you is highly recommended. By being proactive, you’ll have less of a chance of dealing with larger pest-related insulation issues later on.

6. Hardwood Floor Damage

Hardwood floors are often the pride and joy of many homeowners. They show off how clean you keep your house, and they look beautiful when well kept. With this being said, pest-caused damage to hardwood floors can prove extra tragic. Termites, ants, and other insect species are all potential culprits when we’re discussing which creatures cause hardwood floor damage. To protect your home’s hardwood floors, simply ensure you’re not allowing food or other organic materials to fall between the small cracks in your floor. Cleanliness will always be one of your pest weapons in fighting pest problems.

7. Structural Damage

One of the most damaging types of home damage pests can cause is structural damage. When the actual structure of your home is weakened or destroyed, it can cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars to fix the issues that arise. Termites are the most well-known pest when it comes to structural damage, but rodents and lesser-known insect pests can be dangerous as well. To help protect yourself from structural damage, getting the condition of your home’s structure assessed every year is highly recommended.

Keep Your Home Pest Free in 2022

By following these tips, and watching for these warning signs, you’ll have a much easier time keeping your home pest free in 2022. If you’re ever under the impression that a major pest problem is present in your home, you should contact a professional exterminator immediately. Doing so will help you avoid costly, devastating damage that can occur when pest problems are left unaddressed.

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