Afghan minority groups face threats from ISKP: HRW

by | Sep 6, 2022 | World

The rights group says the Taliban has failed to protect Hazaras and other at-risk communities.An affiliate of the ISIL (ISIS) armed group in Afghanistan has targeted Hazaras – a predominantly Shia Muslim ethnic group – and other minorities, in a wave of attacks at mosques, schools and workplaces, undermining the Taliban’s promise of greater security, the Human Rights Watch said in a report on Tuesday.
The Islamic State of Khorasan Province, ISKP (ISIS-K) has repeatedly attacked religious minorities, with the Taliban authorities doing little to protect them from attacks or to provide necessary medical care and other assistance to victims and their families, the group said in a scathing report.
The Taliban have claimed that they brought security to Afghanistan after taking over control in August 2021, following the US military’s withdrawal. But ISKP’s continued attacks against Hazara Muslims, Sufis, Sikhs and other minorities undercut that Taliban narrative.
“Since the Taliban takeover, ISIS-linked fighters have committed numerous brutal attacks against members of the Hazara community as they go to school, to work, or to pray, without a serious response from the Taliban authorities,” said Fereshta Abbasi, Afghanistan researcher at HRW.
“The Taliban have an obligation to protect at-risk communities and assist the victims of attacks and their families.”
Since the Taliban’s return to power, the ISKP has claimed responsibility for 13 attacks against Hazaras and has been linked to at least three more, killing and injuring at least 700 people, the rights group said.
The group also said that the Taliban’s own crackdown on the media means additional attacks have likely gone unreported. The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanist …

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