Arm beefs up Arm Neoverse infrastructure platform

by | Sep 14, 2022 | Technology

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Arm has beefed up its Arm Neoverse product roadmap for processor designs that will fuel computing infrastructure across a variety of technologies into the future. The roadmap features the addition of Arm Neoverse V2, codenamed Demeter, for years into the future. Neoverse V2 is the latest Arm core targeted at providing leadership in per-thread performance for the cloud, hyperscale, and high-performance computing workloads, said Arm CEO Rene Haas, during an online press event today.

“The demand for data is insatiable, from 5G to the cloud to smart cities,” said Chris Bergey, senior vice president of the Infrastructure Line of Business at Arm, in a blog post. “As a society we want moreautonomy, information to fuel our decisions and habits, and connection – to people, stories, andexperiences.”

Industry leaders across cloud, 5G, HPC and edge said during the event they have chosen Arm Neoverse as the compute foundation for the next generation infrastructure solutions. Nvidia executives talked about how they’re using Arm as part of their three-chip strategy — for central processing units, graphics processing units, and data processing units — with products such as the upcoming Grace CPU. Arm has its V-series, N-series, and E-series chip designs coming for various data-centric roles. N-series has been adopted by at least 20 chip companies for future chips, said Arm executive Dermot O’Driscoll.

To address these demands, the cloud infrastructure of tomorrow will need to handle the coming dataexplosion and the effective processing of evermore complex workloads, Arm said, all while increasing power efficiency and minimizing carbon footprint. It’s why the industry is increasingly looking to theperformance, power efficiency, specialized processing and workload acceleration enabled by ArmNeoverse to redef …

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