Artificial intelligence (AI) engineer: Learn about the role and skills needed for success

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Technology

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The engineers who build and manage AI systems are increasingly valuable to companies across industry sectors. Unsurprisingly, the demand for their services outstrips the supply. 

But what is the role of an AI engineer? What are the key qualifications for the role? What really makes a good one? And how can they be made — maybe even from current developers on staff — if not found? Alternatively, how can the functionality otherwise be filled?

What is the role of an artificial intelligence (AI) engineer?

An AI engineer develops, programs, trains and deploys AI models. With 86% of companies in a recent survey reporting that AI is becoming mainstream in their businesses, the AI engineer has become a central figure.

While a data scientist focuses on finding and extracting business insights and applicable data from large datasets, an AI engineer comes from an IT infrastructure background and is charged with developing the algorithms for an AI application and integrating the application into a company’s broader tech environment. An engineer focused on algorithms may also be known as a machine learning (ML) engineer. Someone who specializes in integrating AI applications with an organization’s other technology may be known as an AI architect. Additionally, a professional specifically focused on writing code might have the title of AI developer.

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