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by | Sep 20, 2022 | Business

By Dawnell Kelly—How do you measure astonishing business growth? Revenue, sales, customers, or all three? Are you stressed just thinking about it? Walk with me.

Chances are, you have a lot going on in your business. You also have a mounting list of professional goals. Perhaps you want to launch a course or start a podcast. How about guest speaking or amplifying social media?

Let’s Take A Walk Into Your Positive Future
Picture this–you’re ahead on all your tasks and larger projects. You’re so efficient that you have more than enough time and energy to book podcast appearances, launch your paid courses and write a book.
Take a walk into your positive future.pixelshot-Astonishing Business Growth

Your business is exploding at an unprecedented rate. All because you found a magic solution at the end of our stroll. Notice I said “solution” and not “pill”. Magic pills don’t work!
As you step closer the solution reads, structure and organization. “Talk about falling flat,” you think with your brows furrowed, “this doesn’t sound magical at all.” However, we already walked this short way together, so I urge you to explore the opportunity.
Taking The Next Step
Your mind clears instantly and you’re ready to frame the image we pictured earlier. You find yourself back at your desk with renewed excitement about your business. You fearlessly list out all your goals for the next 12 months. Your mind is exploding in a flood of fireworks as you consider all the possibilities.
MORE FOR YOUConsider all the possibilities. shironosov via Getty Images

Barely legible now, you feverishly write your 6 and 3 month goals. You make a list for this week. As you take it all in, your heart sinks. This list is long …

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