Autotrader: Five reasons electric cars are better than gas

by | Sep 28, 2022 | Stock Market

We’re in the early days of a shift more radical than most of us have ever seen. Only the rise of the internet can compare. It’s not an exaggeration to say that most of the world’s economy, much of global politics, and much of your every day have been shaped by the internal combustion engine (ICE). Wars have turned on who had access to oil. Fortunes have been made and lost building the approximately 2 billion ICE cars – 1.3 billion still in running condition. And many of us feel a deep romance connected to the vehicles we’ve owned.

That all has to go away. Fast. Electric cars are the future. No matter what Autotrader’s executive editor Brian Moody says about gasoline-powered vehicles, with each passing day, EVs are becoming the present. The change won’t be linear. Studies already show it accelerating. As more of us see electric cars in our neighborhoods, more of us start to picture ourselves in them. Recent research from our parent company, Cox Automotive, shows that more than a third of new car shoppers now consider a hybrid or an electric car. So when should you make the jump? Here are five reasons to do it the next time you buy a car.1. They cost little to operate Electric cars are more expensive up front. But once you park one in the driveway, the savings start to show …

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