Big data could help deliver sustainability in Web3

by | Sep 18, 2022 | Technology

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There’s little doubt that discussion about a future built on Web3 and the emergence of the metaverse will intensify over the coming years. With it, so too will the urgency surrounding the development of sustainable initiatives. 

The metaverse’s potential is vast. Experts talk of a whole new reality that exists in a purely digital space. This Web3 construct will pave the way for collaboration, communication and socializing in ways that are still difficult to fully imagine. 

At the heart of this new technological revolution will be big data. The sheer volume of data that users will produce in the age of Web3 means that intelligent insights won’t be far away. Crucially, the growth of big data may also help to solve some of the world’s biggest sustainability issues. 

Before we look at how Web3 can help to deliver sustainability, it’s worth taking a speculative glance at how the environment may be impacted by the metaverse. With huge volumes of people around the world opting to spend much of their time connected to a digital world, we may see fuel usage fall as fewer individuals have the need to travel. However, the sheer computational power required to fully immerse a user in the metaverse will be immense, with Intel claiming that computers will need to be 1,000 times more powerful than they are today to cope with the added requirements. 

This will inevitably put environmental matters front and center as the metaverse emerges. But can Web3 and the rise of big data help to ease sustainability concerns — and even contribute to improving the world’s green credentials? Let’s take a deeper look into how big data may pave the way for a more eco-friendly future in the age of Web3:

Fine-tuned product lifecycle assessments

One way in which businesses are already utilizing big data analytics as a means of improving their green credenti …

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