Building and delivering software in a hybrid workplace 

by | Sep 10, 2022 | Technology

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When the pandemic hit, many companies were left to figure out how they could have productive teams with a distributed workforce. Software development teams were no exception. Now, over two years later, as more companies start solidifying their future work plans, it’s becoming more apparent that remote work is here to stay, in both fully remote and hybrid at-home and in-office forms.

Examining the last two years, we have seen that the ability to build products using agile methodologies  — a very collaborative feat — is possible even when teams are remote. 

So for founders, and product and engineering leaders, who are evaluating what building your company’s product and apps will look like in the so-called New Normal, here’s what I’ve learned in the past year and a half from consulting organizations that have built and brought to market new apps remotely.  

How to build a better hybrid workplace 

Choosing facilitators for meetings: Meetings via Zoom and other technologies require more work and preparation than in-person standups in a conference room. It’s useful to pick a facilitator upfront. That person should prep for that meeting and not wing it. There should be a defined agenda, and it should be shared in advance. 

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Have feedback loops to assess value: At the end of meetings, there should be time dedicated to sharing feedback to examine if the work you are doing is serving you — or if you should be doing something else The Plus/Delta evaluation process is a tool for impromptu evaluations, and because we all know time is money, it’s helpful to u …

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