Cannabis Tourism Is Gaining Popularity. Here’s What The Experience Is Like.

by | Sep 23, 2022 | Travel

People plan vacations around all sorts of themes, from outdoor adventure to pop culture fandom and wine. In recent years, a newer travel area has become increasingly popular: cannabis tourism. “Cannabis tourism can be defined as leisure travel done for the purpose of indulging in marijuana use in areas where it is legal,” Sean Roby, CEO of the cannabis-friendly lodging marketplace Bud and Breakfast, told HuffPost. Advertisement“It is akin to the wine industry, where travelers gather from all over the world to check out the vineyards in a specific region,” Roby added. “Similar is the case with cannabis tourism, when people visit the places where pot is legal. They can spend some time there, not just indulging in cannabis consumption but also doing other recreational things during the visit.”As more states and countries legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use, so grows the number of out-of-town visitors arriving in search of cannabis-based experiences.So, what should travelers know about cannabis tourism, or “canna-tourism”?Below, experts break down the offerings, history, controversy and projections for the future. The cannabis tourism experienceAs a growing area of the travel industry, cannabis tourism entails an increasingly wide range of activities and experiences. “Cannabis travel activities today center around well-being,” said Brian Applegarth, founder of the Cannabis Travel Association International and California Cannabis Tourism Association. “Cannabis is approached by travelers as a tool to improve quality of life and enhance experiences while on vacation. Cannabis visitors to a destination are medical-minded, leisure-orientated, or often a blend of both. Today’s travelers often include cannabis and CBD-infused activities like spa treatments as part of their destination itinerary.”AdvertisementThere are also opportunities to learn about the history of the herb with cannabis tours and educational seminars. From farm stays to apartment rentals and weed-friendly hotels, various lodgings have their own unique offerings as well. “Our top hosts that are now sold out for three to six months in advance are the ones that have a bud bar, a cannabis yoga class, a professional chef that cooks micro-dosed infused meals for the guests, a CBD-infused masseuse on call, sushi and joint rolling, puff and paint, …

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