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by | Sep 20, 2022 | Climate Change

Promoting the sustainable development of marine environments requires planning, just as we have long had spatial planning for land-based activities. Now researchers from the University of Gothenburg and elsewhere are showing that marine planning must take climate change into consideration — something that it does not currently do. The researchers’ models show that changes to temperature and salt content may impact ecosystems and species as much as all other effects on the environment combined.
Symphony is a digital tool that has existed for the past few years. It uses GIS maps that show the distribution of important ecosystems and species along Sweden’s coastlines and how by environmental disturbances, such as nutrient pollution, boat traffic and fishing, affect them in different areas. The maps are to guide setting priorities and various measures for public authorities and others that work with marine planning.
One problem with the current version of Symphony is that it does not consider how the climate will change in the future. Now researchers in the ClimeMarine project have studied what happens when the expected changes in temperature and salt content are implemented into the tool.
“It showed that the anticipated climate changes will increase the total environmental impact by at least fifty per cent, and in some areas, as much as several h …

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