Column: Fighting climate change — many steps forward, bigger steps back – The San Diego Union-Tribune

by | Sep 7, 2022 | Climate Change

The battle against climate change appears to be firing on all levels.The federal government last month passed the Inflation Reduction Act that is so loaded with money and strategies to reduce the nation’s carbon footprint that the legislation might have been more appropriately named the Global Warming Reduction Act.The California Legislature last week approved a package of bills backed by Gov. Gavin Newsom that keeps the state moving forward on reducing greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. This story is for subscribers We offer subscribers exclusive access to our best journalism.Thank you for your support. At the same time, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors took steps to further its “decarbonization” plan for the region.AdvertisementThen there was a simultaneous suggestion that higher powers are involved in addressing climate change. The National Association of Evangelicals released a report laying out a “biblical basis” for environmental activism to take on global warming.Important as all that is, it’s hard to be optimistic that such action will move the needle away from what many scientists say is a fast-approaching planetary crisis. Confronting climate change has long seemed like rolling a big rock up a hill, except it seems the rock keeps getting bigger and the hill steeper.A new report says ice losses in Greenland will mean nearly a foot of global sea level rise and nothing can change that, even if global-heating emissions were stopped immediately.Another study notes that two major glaciers in Antarctica are melting faster than ever, also exacerbating the coastal flooding potential in the future.And wildfires in California have been so bad in recent years that forests are appr …

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