Deathverse: Let it Die has character, if nothing else

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Technology

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One of September’s upcoming games is curious free-to-play title Deathverse: Let it Die. Launching on September 28, the survival arena title offers players melee brawling gameplay in a battle royale style. It’s not exactly the same as its predecessor, but at least it’s got the same off-the-wall kind of humor. GamesBeat got to see a preview of the game some weeks ago, which gave us a general look at the world and gameplay.

Deathverse is, as its subtitle would suggest, a sequel to the 2016 free-to-play arena title Let It Die, and it takes place thousands of years after the events of that game. The player characters are contestants on the game show “Death Jamboree” (which honestly should have been the title of the game), where they must compete for bloodthirsty viewers. It’s a bizarre, twisted world with as much violence as color, and the player can customize their avatar to best fit into the world.

During the preview, the gameplay looked like a mix of melee combat and platforming, with players trying to kill each other in the manner befitting a battle royale. The arena is a playground of possibilities, with more features around than we were able to clock. What the gameplay might lack in originality, it makes up for in style, at least in the footage we viewed. It remains to be seen if style will make up for enou …

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