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by | Sep 6, 2022 | Education

A former teacher, Cindy Bechinksi remembers groveling for money for a new set of novels for her students, and eventually just buying them herself.
Over the years, she paid out of her own pocket for art supplies, math workbooks, and an innovative vocabulary program.
She noticed that other districts had education foundations to help teachers pay for special projects or classroom supplies, and her Moscow School District did not. She vowed that if the community still didn’t have one by the time she retired, she’d start one herself.
And that’s exactly what she did.
The Moscow Education Foundation is now in its seventh year and has funded over $30,000 worth of grants for about 50 teachers. It joins a host of other education foundations across the state that – all together – have raised and donated millions of dollars to their local schools over the years. Now, most mid-sized and large communities have them – and even some tiny rural towns have joined the fray.
The foundations rely on volunteers (and sometimes a barebones paid staff), endowments, corporate sponsorships, and community goodwill to close the gap between the funds a district gets from the state and the funds it needs to better support teachers and learners.
They operate on the belief that if they give communitie …

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