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by | Sep 19, 2022 | Education

“I regard myself as a lifelong student…Without education, where would I be? Where would any of us be?”, he asked those gathered in the iconic Generally Assembly Hall.  Because education transforms lives, economies and societies, “we must transform education”.  
Downward spiral 
Instead of being the great enabler, the UN chief pointed out that education is fast becoming “a great divider”, noting that some 70 per cent of 10-year-olds in poor countries are unable to read and are “barely learning”. 
With access to the best resources, schools and universities, the rich get the best jobs, while the poor – especially girls – displaced people, and students with disabilities, face huge obstacles to getting the qualifications that could change their lives, he continued.  
Meanwhile, COVID-19 has “dealt a hammer blow to progress on SDG4”, the Sustainable Development Goal targeting equitable quality education. 
“But the education crisis began long before – and runs much deeper”, Mr Guterres added, citing the International Commission on the Future of Education report card, which clearly stated: “Education systems don’t make the grade”.  
Failing grade
Dependent upon outdated and narrow curricula, under-trained and underpaid teachers, and rote learning, he maintained that “education is failing students and societies”.
At the same time, the digital divide penalizes poor students as the education financing gap “yawns wider than ever”.  
“Now is the time to transform education systems”, underscored the UN chief.
21st century vision
With a new 21st century education vision taking shape, he flagged that quality learning must support the development of the individual learner throughout their life.
“It must help people learn how to learn, with a focus on problem-solving and collaboration…provide the foundations for learning, from reading, writi …

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