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This document provides an overview of UNHCR’s implementation of Cash-Based Interventions (CBI) to contribute to achieving education outcomes.The document outlines current practices, presents existing corporate guidance, and highlights noteworthy and inspiring learning from a diversity of country operations including: Chad, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey
UNHCR endorses universal access to education and facilitates access to education through a range of interventions and mechanisms. This includes the use of CBI to achieve education outcomes with multi-purpose cash assistance (MPCA)1 and targeted sectoral CBI. The minimum expenditure basket (MEB) is used to calculate the amount of the MPCA, which considers needs for education expenses such as tuition fees, supplies, and transportation. During 2021, UNHCR disbursed approximately $670 million in cash assistance globally, of which 81% was directed to MPCA (Expenditures are summarized in Table 1).
Recipients of MPCA are empowered to choose how to meet their basic needs.2 Global data on how cash recipients used MPCA for basic needs3 suggests that only 11% of households spent a portion of their cash assistance on education. This is low in comparison with other expenditures, such as food (83%), hygiene items (36%), and rent (37%). This breakdown reflects how people tend to spend according to a hierarchy of needs but also associated cos …

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