Greenpeace drops boulders in UK sea against ‘destructive’ fishing

by | Sep 2, 2022 | World

Environmental campaigners say the boulders will make it impossible for fishing gear to be dragged along the seabed.Greenpeace UK has dropped 18 large boulders on the seabed in a marine conservation zone off the coast of southwest England to prevent “destructive” industrial fishing.
The environmental campaigners sailed to the western part of the English Channel between the UK and France, loaded with the boulders of Portland limestone, each weighing between 500 and 1,400kg (1,100 and 3,100 pounds).
The giant rocks were dropped on Thursday from its Arctic Sunrise research vessel in an area of the South West Deeps (East) Conservation Zone, which lies about 190 kilometres (120 miles) off Land’s End, the most westerly point of mainland England.
Greenpeace said on Friday that the boulders will make it impossible for bottom-towed fishing gear to be dragged along the seabed and devastate marine life there.
Artists created a giant ammonite sculpture – inspired by the fossil often found in Portland limestone – out of one of the boulders, which was also placed on the seabed.
The boulders are prepared before being dropped into the sea [File: Quentin Tyberghien/AFP]
“Right now, there’s an industrial fishing frenzy happening in UK waters, and what’s our government doing about it?” asked Greenpeace UK’s head of oceans, Will McCallum.
“Greenpeace UK has created this underwater boulder barrier as a last resort to protect the oceans. We’d much rather the government just did their job.”
McCallum said it was “outrageous” that bottom-trawlers are allowed to operate on the seabed in p …

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