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by | Sep 4, 2022 | Education

(Williams): Students of color and students with disabilities are at a higher risk of disciplinary actions that decreases their chances of graduating and increases their chances of entering the juvenile justice and criminal justice system. What are some solutions to the school-to-prison pipeline that currently exist?(Hildner): I mean, this has been a problem that precedes me in my youth. So it’s a real thing. There was some data that we’ve seen over the time that we’ve been kind of looking at this and it says that Black kids make up 12% in K-12, and 46% of those kids are dealing with suspension or whatever it may be, and there’s a real issue there.So in school, we have policies that actually does not address behavior concerns. We should be teaching them the appropriate behavior and serving them — services that would support their disability.

Right. Yeah. And I can relate, you know. In middle school, I was an angry kid; my dad was deployed two times in three years, and so I rarely saw him. We were moving every year. And we military kids are thought to be they’re squared away, they’re good. Well, half the time when I’m injured, my dad’s telling me to rub some dirt on it and he’s not taking me to the hospital. So we have this mindset that we’re going to be OK. The fact of the matter is, when we send our kids off to school, not only should we be comforted in the fact that knowing that they’re going to be safe, nobody’s going to walk in with an AR-15 and kill them in their classroom. But we have to make sure that when we’re sending our kids to school, we’re solving as many issues as we can there. We don’t want to send them to school for them to be sent back home. If you were to become representative of District 54, what would you be recommending happen before we send children into the juvenile justice system?I mean, that’s easy. First of a …

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