How customer data platforms can leverage zero-party data to improve CX

by | Sep 11, 2022 | Technology

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Marketers are approaching a crossroads with their most important digital asset: data. As the stream of data multiplies exponentially each year, one of the digital marketing industry’s most widely used tools to analyze campaigns and build lookalike audience profiles — cookies — is dying a slow death. As the saying goes, “As one chapter ends, another begins.” 

To understand how customer data platforms can leverage data to improve CX in a cookieless future, it’s important to understand the types of audience data that marketers can work with. There are three types of audience data:

First-partyThird-partyZero-partyData collected through direct consumer engagement with a brand. For example, a consumer visits a retail site to look at shoes; retailer collects the data. Data collected by an entity that has no direct relationship with the consumer.  For example, a consumer visits a retail site to look at shoes; analytics company collects the data. Data knowingly shared by a consumer with a brand as part of a value exchange.  For example, a consumer visits a rewards program site and shares information to earn rewards. Audience data definitions 

Customer data platforms (CDPs) are built to unify data for both customers and prospective customers. In this vein, CDPs manage a variety of consumer data. While the loss of third-party cookies will challenge marketers and agencies, first-party cookies are also at risk in a digital world that is increasingly mobile, app and privacy-driven. As a result, “cookie-free” solutions will deliver the next generation of consumer experiences. The combination of CDPs and zero-party data makes a compelling 1-2 punch for improving customer experience (CX) and innovating brand engagement as the consumer-led internet takes shape, a.k.a. Web3. 

Zero-party dataFirst-party dataEmail, interests, occupation and other registration informationBehavior that enriches existing profiles and enables lookalike modeling; conquestingCDP data unification opportunities

Zero-party data: Shared data is compliant data

Fortunately, the future is here, and it’s called zero-party data. If you are confused about or tired of data taxono …

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